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One of the 13 original colonies, the history of America is closely tied to that of Virginia, particularly during the Colonial period. Bordered on the east by the Atlantic Ocean, and the west by the Appalachian mountains, with a large space of farmland in between, Virginia has much to offer to lovers of scenic views and history buffs. Points of interest include Mt. Vernon, home of George Washington; Monticello, home of Thomas Jefferson; Richmond, capital of the Confederacy and of Virginia; and Williamsburg, the restored Colonial capital. We are honored to serve our business legal services to such a wonderful state. Learn more about our services in Virginia.


McLean is known for its key location within the Northern Virginia area. Residents can find comfort in the quiet suburban neighborhoods. It is home to many diplomats, businessmen, members of Congress, and high-ranking government officials partially due to its close proximity to Washington D.C. The city offers a wide selection of luxury homes and high-end shopping destinations right down the road like Tysons Corner. With the Potomac River curving around its northeastern border, McLean keeps people connected with the culture, history, and employment of the Northern Virginia area. We are proud to serve such a great city with out business legal services. Learn more about our services in McLean, VA.


Businesses in Loudoun County are growing rapidly as the suburbs of Washington, DC expand. Home to many new housing developments and up-and-coming business centers and retail malls, this is an area where many entrepreneurs are looking to start their business. At Argent Place Law, we are proud to serve business owners in this area. Learn more about our legal services in Loudoun, VA.