Too Busy To Plan

I bet most of you will relate to the author of this article in Inc. Magazine who often finds herself too busy working to spend any time planning. It’s an all too common trap. Prospects and revenue are coming in, and it takes so much time to chase every one of them that you have no time left to think about your business. Here are my two favorite lines in the article:

“Being busy is not the same as being productive.”

“The real value [in attending a workshop or panel discussion] is setting aside an hour to do nothing but think about my business.”

Remember, there is no one who can replace your insights into your business. You can hire someone to do almost anything else, but you cannot hire someone to do business planning for you. And if you don’t plan, you will flounder, frequently leave money on the table, and your business will fail to build the wealth it would otherwise be capable of doing for you.

It’s easy to say you should set aside x hours a month to think about your business. But even if you could do that, how would you structure your time? What does it even mean to “think about your business?” What you need is a system for thinking about your business.

That’s where accessing a trusted advisor becomes invaluable. The proper business advisor will have systems to help structure your thinking. Plus the advisor will be able to give you feedback on your ideas, which will generate more ideas. It’s not uncommon for business leaders who once couldn’t find time for planning to discover that the planning time they spend with their trusted advisor becomes their favorite part of the month.

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