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Welcome to Argent Place, the blog for Wealth Creators.

Why would we focus on Wealth in an era when “Wealth” seems to have taken on a questionable connotation? Because, for all the derision and envy and suspicion about Wealth and who holds it, the truth is that (almost) all humans aspire to acquire at least some Wealth. Keep in mind that Wealth is not money, rather Wealth is the accumulation of goods and services that make life more enjoyable. No one seriously wants the world to return to prehistoric levels of wealth, when every human had to scrape the earth for his own survival. Even the most ardent anti-growth anarchists among us want indoor plumbing, some form of transportation beyond bipedal motion, and health care. These and all the other goods and services we have come to enjoy are elements of Wealth.

Given that we all want some forms of Wealth beyond what untamed nature has given us, it follows that Wealth must be created by someone in order to be enjoyed. History has taught us that humans can create much more Wealth to share if we engage in a division of labor, that is we each do the things we are good at and leave others to do the things we don’t do as well. Capitalists think of Wealth Creators as the people who take personal risks to start or manage businesses. Capitalists also believe that more Wealth should accrue to the people who are successful in creating Wealth for others. Communists think of Wealth Creators as the government bureaucrats who manage the economy, and that all Wealth should be equally shared among all members of society. No matter who you believe should be the Wealth Creators in society and how Wealth should be shared, we all agree that Wealth Creators deserve support, because we all want more wealth.

Therefore this blog is dedicated to supporting Wealth Creators.

And one of the principle factors affecting Wealth Creators is the law. This includes not only statutes enacted by our own nation and States and regulations enacted by our own government’s bureaucracy, but also the laws of other nations and international institutions. Again, whether you are a Capitalist or a Communist, or anywhere in between, you must agree that Wealth Creators simply cannot function properly without some help in complying with the law.

Consequently, Argent Place focuses not only on business trends but also on how the myriad laws, regulations and rules affect Wealth Creation. Most importantly, Argent Place asks the question, “How can Wealth Creators use the law to create more Wealth that can be shared?”

Please read, use, and comment. And remember this: Random legal advice, even the advice you find through Argent Place, cannot supplant the personal legal advice you receive from your own legal counsel. If you agree that Personal Legal Counsel could help you create more Wealth, please contact Argent Place

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