American Exceptionalism–Questioned

Yesterday I mentioned a conversation I had with Bob Cohen, CPA about America’s exceptional culture of entrepreneurism. But on July 4–the day we celebrate the birth of the United States of America–I received the latest of Gabrielle Bosché’s Facebook posts, containing a totally different viewpoint: Why Millennials Aren’t Patriotic.

According Gabrielle–a Millennial herself–it seems that Millennials consider themselves “Citizens of the World,” they are concerned about the Have-Nots, and their educators have caused them to “express disappointment in who we are as a world power.”

I have a solution to those concerns that Millennials have: Join me in being a champion for the cause of entrepreneurship worldwide. Dependents on government subsidies and people who consider themselves victims will never find a healthy way to be part of society. But everyone who has ever decided that their highest calling is to make something that society wanted to buy from them in a free and open market–without coercion–finds a fulfilling life…even if it takes a failure or several, before they are successful at finding that “right thing” that customers want.

America may not be perfect, but American entrepreneurship beats the world. And of that, I am very proud.


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