Embrace The Chaos, Yet Build Company Valuation

Entrepreneurship Is All About Overcoming ObstaclesEveryone has insights for you, my Entrepreneur friend. Here’s another short article, titled “Entrepreneurship Is All About Overcoming Obstacles,” that purports to give you sound advice.

Let me say this: Embrace the chaos and obstacles, but set aside some small amount of time each day to focus on whatever it is you think is really important. Even one hour a day can be enough to realize amazing accomplishments every week. And let yourself address those other pressing, urgent things that would otherwise consume your entire day.

Here’s what I try to focus on for one hour a day: What additional value can I create in Argent Place Law through a focus on intellectual property?

What’s yours?

Entrepreneurs are going to save the world, and Argent Place Law wants to help. That’s why we are a team of entrepreneur-lawyers who provide Legal Business Counsel to Entrepreneurs just like you. Think how great will it be to have a legal team with entrepreneurial experience on your speed dial so you can ask questions like, “How do I use intellectual property to increase my company’s valuation?” Call Argent Place Law to find out.