Free as an open road

Celebrating Free Markets

Why We Support Free Markets

Nature is free (outside of human interaction with each other). Both humans and Nature prefer freedom. And best of all, freedom leads to more prosperity for everyone.

The concept of free markets was not invented by the USA, it was merely woven into the DNA of the startup nation through our Constitution. But in fact free markets have been and continue to be practiced everywhere around the world for millennia, even under the most repressive regimes. Walk into any bazaar, flea market, farmer’s market, consignment shop, or countless other “markets” around the world and you will see the power of free markets. When it comes to markets, freedom just works better than coercion.

Free Markets And Ideas

Because freedom leads to innovation and creativity, successful societies have rules about protecting ideas. You can literally turn your ideas into PROPERTY by following the rules! In the USA these rules started in the Constitution, but by no means are these rules uniquely American. The notion that your ideas are as important as real property, and deserve to be protected, has led to enormous progress everywhere in creating the products and services we all enjoy.

Argent Place Law celebrates free markets and the citizens and politicians who honor that freedom. We are a firm of entrepreneurs-turned-lawyers who want to see more people engaging with each other in free markets. If you are an entrepreneur seeking legal advice in Start-ups, Business Growth, Intellectual Property (Patents, trademark, copyright and trade secrets), or contracts, we want to help you succeed.

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