Whose Need Can I Solve?


Recently a new friend called and mentioned he was going through a tough time professionally and personally in our conversation.  He asked if he could borrow $100 to help him get though the difficult period.  Since it was someone rather new in my circle, I choose to put the question back to him as I usually make a practice not to lend money to friends.  I asked him what he might possibly do for someone that had a need and may provide him the needed $100.  He said he would think about that and thanked me for igniting his thought process.


A day or two later my friend called and told me he did in fact put thought to that question.  He realized he had within the last year purchased a new mower for his own home and business upkeep.  He loaded it up and went to several nearby places to inquire if they could use some assistance with their yard care.  He was very excited to add that he had not only covered the $100 he needed but had also already brought in an additional $150 for a total of $250!!


I realized that many of us in time of crisis focus and place most of our attention onto ourselves and the situation we are facing which can be draining and unproductive.  Set that aside and utilize that time and energy to think:  Where can I be of assistance to someone else and help them in some manner?


Reassign your focus on other people and you will find you increase your own happiness and productivity and will find a new avenue of positivity in your own life.  Many people report that they feel more confident in their own abilities and have a stronger appreciation of life by acting in this manner.  Know that there is likely a lesson for you to learn through experience and this thinking process is that of your inner entrepreneur at work!


Argent Place Laws Vision is that Entrepreneurs will save the world, and we want to help.

Argent Place believes that in a perfect world, every household will have at least one entrepreneur.


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