Owner Control When Building A Business

Thinking of starting your own business? Congratulations. The entrepreneurial itch is just beginning.

The vast majority of people who are ready to start their own businesses say they want to do so because they want control. Stated another way, budding entrepreneurs want to work on their own ideas and have flexibility in how they do that. In fact, control is the number one driving factor, even more important that personal profits.

But real entrepreneurs quickly learn that there’s so much more to entrepreneurship than merely having control over your workday. Being an entrepreneur is the best way to experience the full range of life’s thrills and agonies. There’s amazing excitement, satisfaction, and fulfillment from trying to create something out of nothing, managing people and resources, helping employees operate at their full potential, being responsible for something bigger than yourself, and providing goods and services that other people want to use. People who are satisfied to rely on an employer or the government to take care of them miss out on the greatest benefits of living that only entrepreneurs get to experience.

Getting back to control: although you start with total control, you will eventually hit a wall in the size and impact your company can achieve if you maintain that total control. To grow really big you’re going to have to relinquish some of that control, to managers and to rank and file employees themselves. There are a few things you do want to keep control over: The organization’s Vision, Mission, and Values. If you want to leave a legacy company that outlives you, your real job becomes instilling those essential ideas so pervasively throughout your organization that they survive your eventual departure.

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