core values

What We Value

Values Tell You A Lot

You should know what your law firm stands for, in fact what all your service providers stand for. What is important to them, what do they value?

We serve entrepreneurs, people who want to build companies to deliver goods and services to the world, or at least some corner of it. Over years of dealing with entrepreneurs, these are the values we find the most…well, valuable!

Independence. Learning. Productivity


Independence does not preclude inter-dependence. The opposite of independence is dependence. People who want to depend on someone else, or some other organization, for their well-being are not going to make good entrepreneurs.


Everyone who has ever started a company knows they have a lot to learn. A whole lot! People who don’t want to seek out learning opportunities will not make good entrepreneurs.


Simply calling yourself an entrepreneur and taking the legal steps to form a business does not cut it. It does no good to be independent and willing to learn if you don’t apply yourself. Entrepreneurship is not about risk taking, it’s about smart work to make something that someone else will pay you for and be a loyal customer.

We believe that people with these characteristics can make enormous contributions to society, and probably make a lot of money doing so. Argent Place Law wants to help those people with legal stuff related to their pursuits—protecting ideas through intellectual property law and managing business relationships with contracts. Because while you can learn how to be your own lawyer, why would you want to ?

Looking for more uselful input?

Argent Place Law wants to help as we truly feel that Entrepreneurs are needed to save the world.  We are a team of Entrepreneur-lawyers serving Entrepreneurs just like you. Think how great it will be to have a legal team with entrepreneurial experience to call on when you meet with your partners to take advantage your strategic business opportunities. Set an appointment with Argent Place Law; your first 30 minutes are free!