Entrepreneneurs Wanted

Become A Successful Entrepreneur

It’s not passion that will make you a successful entrepreneur, it’s desire.
How intensely do you want to make your own company work for you?
Here’s a simple story of someone who says,“I never wanted to be an entrepreneur”: https://www.adrianatica.com/about/
Don’t be intimidated. You can become a successful entrepreneur. Just follow the steps:
  1. Form your own LLC.
  2. Draft a Vision-Values-Mission statement and memorize it.
  3. Define the ideal customers for your product or service.
  4. Get business cards and start networking (go to “parties with a purpose”).
  5. Listen more than you talk. Help, don’t sell.
  6. Return to #2, revise and repeat these steps until you make your first sale.
  7. Constantly improve your offering and hone your message of help.


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