Free Market

Free Markets Are Democracy In Action

What is the absolutely best example of democracy in action?  Free markets.  Every day in a free-market customers vote for what they like best and needs are served.  Free markets go back to the dawn of human history and have been found lurking in almost every society—even those governed by kings and dictators.

The free-market concept is simple:  People create more of an item than they need for themselves, and they share their surplus with others who in turn share their surpluses of some different item, etc.  Everyone wins. What’s more, in a completely free market, if someone cannot find what they want in the market, they are free to make it themselves and supply it to others.  Bingo, new industries are born and old industries die as their products are replaced by the new.

Contrast this with government intervention in markets. When government picks winners and losers the market is not free, we don’t have democracy, and everyone suffers—except maybe the intended benefactors of the government meddlers.

We at Argent Place Law believe in democracy as it is exercised through truly free markets. And we celebrate the true heroes of free markets: Entrepreneurs, that is, are those who see what is missing in the free market and introduce it so that others may benefit.


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