A Free Market Principle-Don’t Ban Products

Seth Godin is brilliant, but sometimes he’s wrong.

If you don’t already read Seth Godin’s blog, your should. But in a recent post, he made this statement:

The solution, if we’re serious, is to ban gas leaf blowers.

Banning products violates one of the most basic free market principles. I’m against it. And every entrepreneur should be too. If you don’t like a product, make a replacement product. If you have a long list of reasons why your replacement is better than the original, promote those reasons.

But let the market decide which product is more desirable, yours or the original. Using the coercive powers of government to ban a product you don’t like is anti-democratic, anti-free market, and anti-entrepreneur.

If you have a better mousetrap, I’d like to hear about it. Because…

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