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Business Value Is Created By Ideas Not Labor – Business Valuation Lawyer in VA

Entrepreneurs want to create business value. How do you do that? Working with an experienced business valuation lawyer is a great start, however, there is much more to it than hiring a lawyer.

Karl Marx’s said that the value of a product derives from the labor that goes into making it, hence the laborers (not the investors) should take the lion’s share of the profits from any company. Thus…Communism!

What a difference 150 years of perspective creates! Value derives from neither laborers nor investors. In fact, from the beginning of human history, the true value in any human endeavor has always derived from IDEAS!

There is SO MUCH evidence and historical context that supports this concept, it is not worth defending. We all know instinctively that IDEAS form the crux of human development. So it is the IDEA generators who should be handsomely rewarded for their contributions to society.

Knowing that ideas create business value is just the beginning. In order to contribute more to society and make more money, you need to know how to monetize your ideas and how to protect your ideas.

Intellectual Property law creates a framework that is meant to allow exactly that to happen. IP Law protects the idea generators from the idea copiers, so society will get more new ideas. The four forms of intellectual property that are protected in the United States are:




Trade Secrets

These concepts are so important, that the writers of the US Constitution forced Congress to enact laws regarding two of them (and the other two were already supported in colonial/State law).

You can learn every legal aspect of every one of these forms of intellectual property, or you can call your business attorney to ask him/her what you should be doing to protect and monetize your ideas. Oh, wait, every business attorney is not so well-versed in IP law. Well, you’d better look around.


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