About the Firm

Argent Vision

Argent Place ® is a haven for entrepreneurs who want to grow sustainable wealth through their business endeavors. Argent Place includes Argent Place Law, PLLC, Argent Business Law Education (ABLE), and Argent Place Advisors, LLC. These three sister companies are designed to equip and support entrepreneurs in any industry for real success.

While many people fear the law and avoid attorneys, successful entrepreneurs understand that they can use the law as a fundamental principle in driving their companies forward. What makes Argent Place Law unique is that this firm focuses on entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial businesses to help you grow business by managing your business relationships (using contract law), and protecting your ideas (using intellectual property law). Then when you’re ready to exit with a larger payday than you might otherwise have expected, Argent Place Law will help you in business succession planning.

For the Life of Business

Understanding the life of a business is essential. Business life is like any good story, they have a beginning, middle and end: Entrepreneurs may be starting up, in the midst of building growing operations, or on their way out. Argent Place meets its clients where they are. The “Business Life” Section of the firm’s website provides more insight on the services one may need at the various stages of business life.

In the media

Argent PlaceⓇ stays in the media and provides insight in so many different ways. Check out some of the firm’s latest interviews and media coverage below:

The Arnette Report, July 2015

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Argent Place Talks with Ron Imbach of RWI Solutions 
Micheal Mort sits down with Ron Imbach of RWI Solutions an advisor to small businesses and non-profit organizations. In the video Ron speaks on key points start up business owners need to successful plan for financial success including: having god credit, receiving coaching, and being knowledgeable in the business you are starting. Ron has a background in marketing and finance.