Doing Business-Customer Contracts



Nothing feels greater than a sale to a new customer, receiving money from that person in return for your product or service. As soon as you begin that customer relationship you have certain obligations that accrue to you by default laws. Those default obligations may be superseded by a properly drafted customer contract.

Almost every business owner recognizes the need to present a contract to customers, but almost 50% of entrepreneurs try to write these contracts themselves. If you are in that category, you may have downloaded a broad-form from the internet, perhaps from an industry group’s page. Then you tried to tailor it for your specific business and use that as your “standard contract.” Does it include a statement on warranties that uses the acceptable legal language? Do you have an impermissible penalty for early termination, and if so do you know how to redraft it to make it more palatable to a judge? Have you thought through all the intellectual property transfer issues? Should there be covenants? Indemnification?

One more question: Do you think that most successful entrepreneurs draft their own customer contracts?

It’s time you had your own Legal Business Counsel. Call Argent Place Law to schedule an appointment to discuss your needs.

The Argent Place Solution

  • Draft customer contract templates that protect your interests and are enforceable
  • Back you up in negotiations with customers who want to change your basic customer contract

Expected Results:

  • Protect your intellectual property
  • Manage customer expectations
  • Allocate risks of misuse to the customer
  • You will be more confident that your customer contracts are enforceable when one of your customers breaches it

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