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Pretty soon after you start doing business, you must make major decisions about how to engage people to help you. You may think you have complete control over writing contracts governing these types of relationships, but that is an illusion. Federal and State governments have taken away many freedoms with regard to creating contracts between companies and the people who provide personal services to them. Even the decision whether to engage a person as an independent contractor or an employee is full of legal ramifications. Then, when you commit to the idea that you want to hire employees to work directly for you, an enormous amount of law comes into play. Basic employment law covers every employee. Labor law covers the rights of workers to organize into unions. Some of these laws are “common law,” made by judges over time, some are in the form of statutes. Argent Place Law works on behalf of the company to make sure your interests are protected, and that the contracts you write are enforceable.

The Argent Place Solution

  • Letter offers of employment that preserve “at will” employment status
  • Employment contracts for term with incentives for key employees
  • Enforceable non-compete and non-solicitation agreements
  • Employee handbooks and company policy handbooks
  • Deferred compensation plans
  • Stock options and phantom stock

Expected Results:

  • Minimize the risk that the IRS will declare an independent contract to be a de facto employee
  • Make offers to prospective employees with the confidence that your interests are protected

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