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New Business Formation

Are you looking to start a new business in Virginia? New Business Formation with Argent Place is an all-inclusive process that takes the hassle away from business owners, so they can focus on their new company while we take care of the legal side of things. Unlike most generic online business formation websites, Argent Place Law is a real law firm, with a real and experienced attorney. You can rest assured that your new business registration process will be 100% complete and meet all county, state, and federal regulations. Learn more about New Business Formation in Chantilly.

Trademark Registration Application

Argent Place Law makes your trademark application simple, fast and budget friendly. As you may know, a trademark protects brand names and logos used on goods and services. When trademarks look similar, convey a similar general meaning, produce the same mental reaction , or may be spelled differently but sound alike, it makes it difficult for the consumer to differentiate the products and services. The Trademark Office is deigned to assist in distinguishing products in services within the United States and protects companies that were first to market their services in the states. Learn more about Trademark Registration Application in Chantilly.

Startup Business

Starting a business is regulated by multiple levels of government. It is irresponsible (and illegal!) to operate a business without following those laws and regulations. It is not difficult to get the ball rolling, but there are many considerations and forms to address. So it is wise to get the basic decisions and legal steps out of the way well before you want to start doing business. That way, when an opportunity for your business idea presents itself, you are ready to pounce on it! Learn more about the Startup Business process in Chantilly.

Partnership Agreements

Because Partnerships are not registered with the state, they are similar to a Sole Proprietorship, except that Partnerships involve more than one person. Here are two facts you should be aware of when starting a Partnership: If you start a business with someone on a handshake and don’t register the company with the state, you have a de facto General Partnership. Partnerships must register in the county or city where your business is located in order to do business there. Learn more about Partnership Agreements in Chantilly.

Contracts & Relationship Management

Contracts are the single most important document that can make or break a business. There are hundreds of relationships a business may be required to manage at one time: relationships with employees, independent contractors, vendors, customers, landlord, investors,and even banks and other financial institutions. Every one of these relationships is a contract that your business law firm, or general legal counsel, should draft or review to make sure it is in your best interest and fits with your company’s overall objectives and operates within the given laws of your jurisdiction. Learn more about Contracts & Relationship Management in Chantilly.

Intellectual Property & Valuation

Argent Place Law aims to help you use the law to create a higher valuation for your business. A business’s valuation is largely assumed to be tied up in the historical revenue and profits of the company. That means the business’s products and services must be recognizable in the markets, in demand, defensible from competition, and have high margins. Learn more about Intellectual Property & Valuation in Chantilly.

Succession Planning

Every entrepreneur who has started more than one company will tell you that you must have an exit plan. For the majority of entrepreneurs, that exit plan is either to transfer the company to the next generation or to sell the company. Both paths require advance planning in order to build value and protect the wealth built up in your company. Learn more about Succession Planning in Chantilly.

Business Contract Lawyer

Businesses all around the world rely on contracts to conduct transactions and business. Whether you’re trying to formulate a new business contract or are in legal troubles due to business contract related issues, contact Argent Place Law for assistance today. Learn more about Business Contract Lawyer in Chantilly.

Trademark Lawyer 

You’re finally ready to take the plunge and start your own business in Chantilly VA. But before you do, there are a few things you need to know about starting a company. One of those is trademark law. What is trademark law? It’s an area of federal law that protects trademarks from infringement, which means no one else can use your trademarked name or logo without your permission. So how does this apply to small businesses? Well, if you want to prevent other companies from using your brand name for their own profit, then it’s important that you register for a trademark as soon as possible. Learn more about trademark lawyers in Chantilly VA.

Business Startup Attorney

As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. You’re responsible for everything from product development and marketing to sales and customer service. And if you’re in the process of starting up a new business, there’s even more to think about.

One of the most important things you can do when starting a business is to hire a business startup attorney. A good business attorney can help you navigate the legal aspects of starting a business, from incorporating your company to drafting contracts and agreements. Learn more about our business startup attorney services in Chantilly VA.