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doing business

No company does every piece of its operation internally. You often have many different forms of independent contractors delivering goods and services that help build your company: accounting, outsourced HR, website development, parts or component suppliers, sales reps and distributors, advertising agencies, and the list goes on. In addition, you may license your ideas for other companies to use (OEMs and resellers) in order to expand your sales channels.

All of these human relationships can be the trickiest resources you have to manage. But once you understand that that every business relationship is a contract, the process to manage those resources is turned into the process of contract planning, contract drafting, and contract compliance. Which is to say, every one of these relationships is a contract that your business law firm should draft or review to make sure it is in your best interest and fits with your company’s overall objectives.

A good General Legal Counsel manages the headaches of legal issues so you can concentrate on building your company. Of course that includes reviewing and drafting contract documents. But a great Legal Counselor is also proactive. You want your legal counsel to understand your business and provide valuable business counsel, suggesting courses of action and helping you negotiate the terms of agreements.

Argent Place Law Solutions

Argent Place Law provides service and expertise in the critical areas of legal business counseling, including:

  • Regular Strategic Planning sessions
  • Letter offers of employment that preserve “at will” employment status
  • Employment contracts with key employees, enforceable non-compete agreement
  • Contract templates for customers, and custom contracts when needed
  • Teaming agreements for preparing government contract proposals
  • Reviewing government contracts, especially to protect intellectual property rights
  • Buy-Sell agreement among owners
  • Financing and commercial lease agreements
  • Managing business disputes, pre-litigation negotiations
  • Tax-free reorganizations for moving your company from one state to another

Expected Results:

  • Good contracts incentivize the parties to perform better
  • Good contracts allocate risks to the parties who are best able to manage the risks
  • Good contracts establish long term partnerships
  • Good contract manage expectation

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