Business Contract Lawyer in Merrifield VA

Business Contract Lawyer in Merrifield

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Corporations and individuals alike rely on contracts to transact business all throughout the world. The majority of business litigation involves contract(s) disputes at one point or another. Business contract law usually involves high levels of risk, so you’ll need a business contract lawyer in Merrifield that can help you navigate the litigation process and guide you through the litigation process to achieve the best possible outcome.

Argent Place Law has experience in various types of contract litigations including:

  • Sales contracts
  • Employment contracts
  • Service agreements
  • Warranties & business guarantees
  • Insurance contracts
  • Consumer/Seller contracts
The most common remedy for an actual breach would be damages – which is a payment to compensate for the harm done, in most cases this is money. Other remedies include performance, which is when the court makes the breaching party perform the obligation outlines in the initial contract, and cancellation & restitution.

Minor Breach

A minor breach, also known as a partial breach, is when there is a breach of contract, however, the breach is so insignificant, that the remainder of the contract is still able to be carried out. The non-breaching party has the liberty to sue for damages but does not excuse the breaching party from fulfilling his partial breach.

Material Breach

Lastly, a material breach of contract occurs when there is a failure to perform some aspect of the contract, and the other party gets something that is significantly different than what the contract specified.

If a material breach occurs, the court may absolve the responsibilities of the non-breaching party laid out in the contract. The non-breaching party can also be rewarded financially that will go to the losses incurred during the breach.

How Our Business Contract Lawyers Can Help You

At Argent Place Law, we are attorneys that have seen all types of breach of contrasts from small to large businesses and individuals. For a favorable outcome, you need a business contract lawyer that has the experience and know-how to help represent you in litigation. To learn more about how Argent Place Law can represent you through a breach of contract, contact us today to schedule a consultation or call (703) 539-2518.