New Business Formation

New Business Startup
By Argent Place Law

You have ideas.
You want to startup your own business to serve eager customers.
But there are so many options, regulations, and requirements!
Where do you start to form a startup?
With Argent Place Law, The Law Firm For Entrepreneurs!

We do all of this for your startup business:

  • Check Name Availability In Your State And With The US Trademark Office (we don’t want to you infringing another business name)
  • Obtain EIN From The IRS (for taxes–of course!)
  • File Articles With The State (like a business’s “birth certificate”)
  • Draft Basic Agreement Among Owners (the Operating Agreement, often required by banks)
  • Draft Initial Company Resolutions (And Use As A Template For Documenting Future Major Decisions)
  • Serve As Registered Agent For One Year Free ($200 Value) Learn More!
  • Provide Instructions For What To Do Next, And Introductions To Other Service Professionals

All of these things are necessary! Do not be fooled by another service provider into thinking that you can get by without doing any one of these!

Rely on Argent Place Law and you could have your new business ready within a few business days (some States do take longer). Plus: You will establish an attorney-client relationship with The Law Firm for Entrepreneurs!

3 Steps To A New Business Startup

Step 1 Fill out our customized data input form below
Step 2 Pay the law firm service fee ($525) plus government fee (See table below)
Step 3 Give us the Social Security Number of the person responsible for the new business and sign our Power of Attorney form (both needed for us to obtain your Company’s EIN)

After you do those 3 steps we get to work usually within 2 business days. If we encounter any problems in obtaining the EIN or registering with the State (very rare, but some name-related issues have occurred) we will alert you and work with you to resolve the issue.


Let’s Get Started

STEP 1 Fill Out Our Data Form

We have different forms for different ownership conditions. Pick the option that describes your initial situation:

There will be only one owner of the new business at the start

There will be only a married couple as owners of the business at the start

There will be two or more owners of the business at the start

STEP 2 Submit Payment

Your new Company needs a home State. Pick the State where your new Company will do most of its business, or if it’s an internet business, the State where your new Company’s principal office is. (Don’t pick Delaware just because you heard somewhere that’s a good place!) The price shown below is the total cost, including the law firm service fee and government fees for the best value of State service, which sometimes includes an expedite fee. (If your State doesn’t have a link yet, call us and we’ll send you a custom quote: 703-539-2518.) After you pay, don’t forget to come back to this page for your final Step 3!

About Refunds

Law Firm service fees are not refundable. If the legal name you want is not available and you do not want to move forward with a different legal name we may be able to refund the State filing fees (if those fees have not already been paid to the State). No refund may be given after the State filing fees are paid to the State.

DC – $624 NC – $650
DE – $665 NJ – $653.50
FL – $655 PA – $650
MD – $721.73 VA – $625

STEP 3 Call Us To Give Us The Owner’s SSN

The IRS requires that we give them your SSN to get an EIN, so we take that from you SECURELY by phone:
Call 888-315-6738 and give us the name and SSN for the person you entered as Owner 1 in our form.
We answer this line between 10:00am and 3:00pm Eastern Time, Monday – Friday (except holidays).

That’s It!
You are on your way to personal freedom and wealth creation!

Now check out our Blog for important articles that all entrepreneurs need to know about.
And it’s not too early to celebrate!

Additional Services Available For Your New Business

Registered Agent

Every state requires a business to have a Registered Agent within the State who can accept official notices like renewal notices and lawsuits. The registered agent must be an owner or manager of the business or an attorney. Even if you are also a resident of the State where you do business, we add value by keeping a renewal calendar (in case renewal notices are delayed or lost in the mail) and prompting you as much as necessary when your company is due for renewal. We’re also in a position to work with you and explain your options if we receive notice of a lawsuit. Argent Place Law includes this service for one year automatically with every new business formation so we can make sure you are taken care of at least that long. After the first year, our fee is $200/year plus the State’s annual registration fee.

Negotiated Operating Agreement

Our basic operating agreements use a set of terms that are ideal for companies owned by a single owner or married couple. However, if you’re getting in business with one or more partners who have separate lives (and may someday want to go a different direction), you’ll want something more comprehensive. We will draft an operating agreement that spells out everything: how the business is managed, how profits are distributed, what happens if one partner dies or leaves, what happens if there is a disagreement, what happens if a partner wants to sell their interest, who controls the money, can new partners be added and how, and much more. We have extensive experience with writing these kinds of agreements and know the kinds of questions to ask. We will guide you.

Fictitious Name

What if you have an old company name or brand that needs a fresh coat of paint? What if you you’re entering a new line of business, or want to have two or three lines of business within the same company? Then you’ll want a fictitious name, or “trade name.” A company can have as many of them as they want, and they cost less than changing the company’s name outright. We typically can prepare these within one-two business days after we are engaged!

Register To Do Business In Another State

When you set up a business in a particular state, it is automatically registered to do business in that state. However, if your company regularly does business in another state besides its “home” state, it should also register as a foreign company and obtain a Registered Agent in that state. While the procedure, paperwork, and costs vary from state to state, our attorney’s fee remains the same. Failing to register in a state where you regularly do business can carry steep penalties if they catch you, so let us help you go from a “local” company to a “national” one!

Ongoing General Counsel

Many people hesitate to call their lawyer over small things, either for fear of wasting the lawyer’s time or for fear of racking up fees. We know, however, that sometimes an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and sometimes people don’t realize all the ways their lawyer can help them. With this service, you get half an hour of “phone time” every month (typically two fifteen-minute phone calls) where we talk about you and your business. How are things going? Anything you’ve been concerned about? What projects are coming down the pipeline? What did you decide to do about the situation we discussed last month, and how’s it developing? Don’t underestimate the power of a little advice at the right time. Never be afraid to reach out to a lawyer. Retain us to be your General Counsel.

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