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The RIGHT way to start a business in VA

Argent Place Law New Business Formation

The Basics of New Business Formation. 

New Business Formation is the right way to start a new business in VA for three primary reasons. The process is:
  1. Complete- Your business may be vulnerable to later issues if filed on a generic website. Argent Place Law is a real law firm, with a real and experienced attorney. You can be assured your new business registration process will be 100% complete to state, county, AND federal regulations. New business formation includes:
    • Check name availability with state and federal agencies
    • File Articles of Organization with state
    • Draft basic operating agreement for single or multi-member businesses
    • EIN registration with IRS
    • Draft initial company resolutions
    • Draft a template for future resolutions
    • Local business license form (select Virginia jurisdictions only)
    • Obtain a Fictitious Name certificate
    • Registered agent services included one year free! (a $180 value!)
    • BONUS–Forming a relationship with a lawyer you can go to in the future
  2. Quick- Argent Place Law uses an easy to follow online process to cut the wait time. Customer service is still a priority and all questions will be answered before your documents are filed. 
  3. Cost Effective- Our low rate of $725* includes state filing fees. Non-law firms would not be able to provide this complete service at a better rate. 

So why wait? Register your new business–right away–and the RIGHT way in VA, with Argent Place.

New Business Formation Process is Simple.

The Argent Place New Business Formation Process happens in a 4 simple step process:

  1. Fill out the form below (please note you may have to scroll up after completing the first page to enter owners information)
  2. Read and Download the engagement agreement provided after submitting the form.
  3. Submit payment
  4. Receive a phone call from Argent Place Law for final completion.

*The Argent Place New Business Formation process is for a one time competitive rate of $725. This rate is for businesses registering in Virginia only. If you are registering a business in another state, please fill our the form and give us a call at  (703) 539-2518 or e-mail  [email protected] with the state you wish to register and we will respond with your adjusted state filing fee rates.

Congratulations on the registration of your new business!

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