Law Firm for Entrepreneurs

Argent Place’s Vision & Why We Exist

Entrepreneurs will save the world, and we want to help.

In the Argent Place vision of a perfect world, every household will have at least one entrepreneur. 

Entrepreneurs are best equipped to solve every problem in society. Not governments or politicians, not non-profits or big multinational companies with legions of researchers, not renowned celebrities or the news media, and not the armies of the most zealous warriors on earth, or the marches of the most intent protesters. The world will be saved by entrepreneurs, from all over the world, whose ideas, hard work, and insatiable desire to sell their goods and services will create better living conditions and safer more enjoyable lives for all societies. Entrepreneurs reach across cultures and national boundaries in ways that governments and all those others cannot do. Because entrepreneurs are driven like no others.

People start their own businesses because they want control, flexibility, and to make more money. But they quickly learn that there’s so much more about entrepreneurism than those things. Being an entrepreneur is the best way to experience life’s thrills and agonies. There’s amazing excitement, satisfaction and fulfillment from trying to create something out of nothing, managing people and resources, helping employees operate at their full potential, being responsible for something bigger than yourself, and providing goods and services that other people want to use.

And that is “Why” Argent Place Law wants to help entrepreneurs convert their ideas into companies that deliver goods and services for everyone to enjoy. 

Because we believe in the almost limitless power of entrepreneurism and entrepreneurs.

Because entrepreneurs are going to save the world, and we’re going to help.

Argent Place’s Mission

Because we believe so strongly in entrepreneurs, Argent Place has made it our mission constantly to earn the title “The Law Firm For Entrepreneurs.”

Argent Place Law is a team of legal professionals with an entrepreneurial background so we can relate to entrepreneurs. Just like you, we’ve been entrepreneurs outside the legal field. So we know what it’s like to have ideas that we worried about protecting, and to think about contractual relationships with the people we needed to help us deliver our products and services to customers.  We understand the dilemmas you’re facing from our own first-hand experiences, so we can relate on an emotional level to your legal matters, not only on an antiseptic “just the facts, ma’am” level. We want to take over your legal headaches regarding intellectual property and contracts so you can do what you do best: Concentrate on building your products, services, and customer base.

Argent Place’s “How”

The legal industry tends to be old, staid, and too expensive. At Argent Place Law, we use technology to make us efficient at delivering legal services to entrepreneurs. We never stop improving our internal efficiencies, but we don’t go overboard like the impersonal online non-law firms with names like “Legal ______” and “Legal _____.” When your company is on the line, we think entrepreneurs would rather have the best of both worlds: technical efficiency plus personal interaction. You want to know your business attorney, but you want us to be efficient too. You want us to help you and understand you, but you don’t want us to bleed you.

Argent Place’s “What”

We use the law to protect your ideas and manage your business relationships. We focus on business and contract law, intellectual property law, and succession planning, including estate planning with wills and trusts. And we provide Legal Business Counsel in these integrated fields of law to entrepreneurs just like, so you don’t have to spend your valuable time mastering them.

The Call To Action

Call us at 703-539-2518. The initial consult is free. What do you have to lose, but some legal headaches? Isn’t it time you had your own business law firm behind you, helping you succeed?