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Argent Place Law makes your trademark application simple, fast and budget friendly. As you may know, a trademark protects brand names and logos used on goods and services. When trademarks look similar, convey a similar general meaning, produce the same mental reaction, or may be spelled differently but sound alike, it makes it difficult for the consumer to differentiate the products and services. The Trademark Office is designed to assist in distinguishing products in services within the United States and protects companies that were first to market their services in the states. The process is not simple and can take a full year or more to file. After the application is submitted, it is reviewed by the trademark office, open to the public so anyone who claims they were to market first has an opportunity to appeal your application, and is then registered in public file before you receive your application after 90 days of the initial filing.

Trademark lawyers at Argent Place Law help to simplify the process three ways:

  • Reduces the likelihood of rejection- Most applications are rejected for a handful of reasons, as explained on the trademark office’s website. Expertise and knowing the legal language and details of requirements reduces the likelihood of rejection.
  • Reduces time spent on the process- Argent Place will write a legal description of your goods/services, ID the class, and prepare and file your application. Argent Place does every step for you, which saves you time that you can use to focus on your business.
  • Saves you additional dollars- if your application receives any office actions, it can cost you additional fees or even additional office actions, as they are only sent one at a time. Because we know the law and the process, we save you the time and money associated with office actions.

We charge a fixed fee to apply on your behalf, some of which can be refunded in many cases. In the case your application is denied for any reason by the examining attorney we will discuss the cost of arguing the matter on your behalf.

The Trademark Registration Process via Argent Place:

  1. Use the below button to set up an appointment with our trademark attorney, Roland Sennholz. He will listen to your situation and provide you a quote.
  2. We will do a trademark search to see if anyone else has already staked a claim to your mark or a similar mark, and help you adjust your mark if needed (and possible) to maximize the chances of successful registration.
  3. We will use your information to put together a draft application, which we will then send to you for your approval.
  4. Once we have made any necessary changes, we will submit the final application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).
  5. Wait approximately 6 months to receive communication from the USPTO (pre-covid, this was only 3 months).
  6. During the next 30 days, your application will be reviewed. If USPTO wants clarification or sees any issues with the application, they will issue an office action to us.
  7. For minor office actions, we will take care of the issue(s) – no additional fee or attention needed from you. For major actions, we will contact you and discuss options.
  8. After the application passes USPTO scrutiny, it is submitted to a public registry for another 30-60 days.
  9. As long as there are no third-party objections to your application, you should receive your certificate within 90 days.

The whole process typically takes 11-12 months. You can apply for a trademark up to 12 months before you plan to begin using it.

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