Meet the Founder


Dr. Michael Mort, Esq.

Areas of law:
• Deal-making (Contracts) • Intellectual property (patents, trademarks, trade secrets– strategies, protection, licensing)  • Business formation • Estate planning

BS Mathematics, Michigan State University
MS Mathematics, University of Minnesota
PhD Electrical Engineering, Southern Methodist University
JD, George Washington University

Admitted to practice law: Virginia, Florida, US Patent and Trademark Office

Welcome to Argent Place Law, a business law firm dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs and CEOs in all industries, because you are the people who create the wealth that everyone else enjoys.

I share your passion for running a business. I started my career as an engineer, got a PhD, then started a software company, ran it for nine years then sold it to a public company. After running the merged company for a few years I quit to pursue “personal interests,” but the excitement of making deals happen lured me back to business. By becoming a lawyer I find that I am now able to be part of many different companies as their outside general counsel. I work on legal matters that business leaders shouldn’t spend their vital  time on, such as reviewing and drafting contracts, negotiating with buyers and sellers of companies, handling disputes with vendors or customers. I guide you through the arcane matters of governing a business with several owners/partners in a way that conforms to your internal documents and the law. And I take care of the details surrounding intellectual property (trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and patents) registration and portfolio management. It’s exciting to run your own company…as long as you can offload the work that is not in your company’s core competency. And face it, no one but lawyers want to make the law part of their core competency. I often hear that it is expensive to hire a lawyer—but the fact is that it can be much more expensive not to hire one.

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Michael Mort, PhD, Esq
Founder, Managing AttorneyBS Mathematics, Michigan State University