Practice Areas-Overview

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Argent Place Law serves businesses and business leaders in the practice areas of Business Law (also called Corporate law or Contract Law), Intellectual Property, and Succession Planning.

Examples of Business Law questions include many diverse issues such aspractice areas

  • Form an LLC, Corporation, or Joint Venture
  • Draft LLC Operating Agreements or Corporation Shareholder Agreements
  • Draft contracts with employees and customers
  • Review and negotiate contracts with suppliers and investors
  • Negotiate and settle business disputes arising from breach of contract
  • Buy a business, sell a business, invest in a business
  • Have a General Legal Counsel who manages all legal issues

Intellectual Property Law issues include:

  • Register Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights with the appropriate agenciesIPMatrix
  • Establish processes to protect Trade Secrets
  • Draft or review licensing agreements to monetize your assets
  • Represent your interests when someone infringes your intellectual property
  • Guide you when you are accused of infringing another’s intellectual property.

The dream of most driven entrepreneurs is to sell their company to someone else. But Succession Planning means more than just getting ready to sell. It includes other diverse tasks such as:

  • Details on how to bring in new investors and partners
  • Partnership Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Asset or Equity Purchase AgreementsWill
  • Employee Stock Options or Phantom Stock Options
  • Owner’s Will and Trust

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