U.S. Entrepreneurship Boom Accelerates

More Americans are turning their brainstorms into businesses. Many of the entrepreneurs are optimistic!  Here is a great new article from a study with new interesting stats on entrepreneurship today! Argent Place Law believes in entrepreneurs. We are a team of Entrepreneur-lawyers serving Entrepreneurs just like you. Think how great it...
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What We Value

Values Tell You A Lot You should know what your law firm stands for, in fact what all your service providers stand for. What is important to them, what do they value? We serve entrepreneurs, people who want to build companies to deliver goods and services to the world, or...
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What Is Strategic Law?

Argent Place Law is the Strategic Law Firm for Entrepreneurs. But you may ask, what is strategic law? Strategy is the science and art of managing available resources to achieve a desired goal. In business, desired goals are things like: Launch a successful new product Expand into a different city...
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