Be Intentional

Establish a Mind-Business Connection to be an Intentional Entrepreneur Multi-tasking seems productive. You do two things–or more–at once. I used to like to listen to music or audio book during my work out. You might read your emails while you eat, review an article while in a zoom meeting, or...
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Entrepreneurs Will Save The World

The human spirit does not tolerate domination for long. Coercive governments and narcissistic politicians may appear to have an upper hand, but entrepreneurs will save the world from them. You have the spirit to reject the status quo, reverse group think, overcome oppression, envision what might be, and set others...
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Trademarks and Rip-Offs

Many entrepreneurs have at least one trademark in their company; some have many. Trademarks, once registered, can last forever as long as they continue to be used in the marketplace, and a federal registration protects a trademark throughout the United States. A registration must be renewed at the 5-year mark,...
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