Intellectual Property & Valuation in Loudoun County

Looking for an Intellectual Property Lawyer in Loudoun County?

Argent Place Law aims to help you use the law to create a higher valuation for your business in Loudoun County. A business’s valuation is largely assumed to be tied up in the historical revenue and profits of the company. That means the business’s products and services must be recognizable in the markets, in demand, defensible from competition, and have high margins.

The best way to increase the value in your company is to establish a culture of generating useful ideas and taking the legal steps to convert those ideas to protected intellectual property. You and your employees may invent useful tools, design innovative internal processes to become more efficient or more effective, draft memorable sayings that are useful in marketing campaigns, write content that turn your company into a thought leadership role, and more. These are all examples of protectable ideas. Protected ideas lead to new products and services, more efficiency and better profitability, expanding influence, and increased brand awareness, all while keeping competitors at bay.

Unprotected ideas are free for everyone to use. But if you take the proper steps to protect the ideas that form the basis of your competitive advantage, you will be freer to exploit your ideas and build greater wealth. The area of law that protects ideas is called “Intellectual Property,” and it includes the subdivisions of Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, and Trade Secrets.

Infringement Protection:

After you create your intellectual property in Loudoun County, you must remain vigilant that no one uses it without your permission.

The Argent Place Solution:

Here is  partial list of the services Argent Place Law performs to help you protect your ideas

  • Applying for patents, trademarks, copyright
  • Developing a plan to defend your patents, trademarks and copyrights
  • Documenting your trade secrets and devising a plan to protect them
  • Crafting specific Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Drafting non-compete agreements
  • Drafting and negotiating licensing agreements that monetize your ideas
  • Drafting the Terms of Use for your interactive website
  • Using copyright to protect design creations

Expected Results:

When creating value through the protection of your intellectual property you can expect:

  • Increased value of your content (protected by copyright)
  • Concrete plan on how to monetize your property.
  • Detailed agreements that are specific to protecting your company’s internal processes