Work Made For Hire

Here’s the question for you today: Who owns the content on your website? Entrepreneurs hire independent contractors to help with a lot projects that are not part of the core competency of their businesses. For example, a roofer wants to spend his time selling and performing on rooking jobs; he...
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Planning Ahead For Legal Services

A new client recently asked me a great question: “I’m just starting out in my business with a very limited budget. What legal services should I engage you for first?” First let me say, that my law firm provides new entrepreneurs with an excellent, cost effective, full-service business startup process. But...
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Employee Engagement–Beat The Odds

A January Gallup poll reported that only 31.5% of the corporate workforce is engaged, 51% is not engaged and 17.5% is actively disengaged. I suggest that you should appeal to the humanity of employees to turn around the almost 70% of America’s workforce that is unmotivated to put in their best efforts or has resorted to negative...
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American Exceptionalism–Questioned

Yesterday I mentioned a conversation I had with Bob Cohen, CPA about America’s exceptional culture of entrepreneurism. But on July 4–the day we celebrate the birth of the United States of America–I received the latest of Gabrielle Bosché’s Facebook posts, containing a totally different viewpoint: Why Millennials Aren’t Patriotic. According Gabrielle–a...
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