Required Reading For Entrepreneurs

In a prior post I discussed whether entrepreneurship can be taught. I concluded that you are better off learning key elements of entrepreneurship through experience and reading. There is one more element you will need, but first, lets talk about what you need to read. Classify Your Reading Material, So You Know WHY You’re Reading...
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Entrepreneurism Within The Law Firm

Argent Place Law not only supports entrepreneurs, we are entrepreneurs ourselves. Anjali Patel, Esq. leads our Commercial Real Estate practice, but she also encourages budding entrepreneurs, like her own three young children. They’ve come up with an idea and a website to promote intergenerational communications. It’s called Seeing I To I, and you...
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We’re Growing

Argent Place Law is very proud to announce that we are starting 2018 with two additional attorneys, Dr. Edward Maggio, Esq., and Charles DeLeon, Esq. We now have four attorneys in the Law Firm For Entrepreneurs. Edward is super-educated with a PhD in Comparative Religion from University of Sedona, a...
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What Is A Registered Agent?

Each State Requires a Registered Agent For Your Company In order gain limited liability as an owner of your business you must register as a Limited Liability Company or Corporation with any State where your company does business. In doing so the State will ask you for the name and office address...
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