Is A Partnership Agreement Required?

You are an entrepreneur who just forming your new company; do you need a written partnership agreement (or an operating agreement, or a shareholder agreement)? First, a partnership agreement is a contract among owners, specifying many details about their business relationship, e.g. how business decisions are made, how profits (and...
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A Nonsense, Partisan Agenda

Here is a legal article with the self-serving name “Securing Our Nation’s Economic Future: A Sensible, Nonpartisan Agenda To Increase Long-Term Investment And Job Creation In The United States.” It is 30 pages long, and I think it is probably completely full of anti-capitalism rhetoric. I say “probably,” because I am just too...
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New Rule On Exempt Employee Status

By the stroke of a pen (and probably the use of a cell phone), the Executive Branch changed a rule that will affect hundreds of thousands of employer-employee relationships. Effective December 1, 2016, salary and compensation levels needed for Executive, Administrative and Professional workers to be classified as “exempt” goes up to...
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Federal Trade Secret Protection

Trade Secret is one of the four forms of intellectual property, and until today it was the only one of the four that did not have a federal law to help it’s owners with national protection. Patent and Copyright have always been protected by federal law because the US Constitution mandates that...
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Get The Contract Signed!

A common complaint from CEOs: “Lawyers slow down contract negotiations by quibbling over minutia.” It’s true. Many business lawyers lose sight of the goal: Get the deal done! On one client’s recent contract negotiations I did one back and forth with opposing counsel. It was clear we had already landed in a world of...
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