Be Intentional

Establish a Mind-Business Connection to be an Intentional Entrepreneur

Multi-tasking seems productive. You do two things–or more–at once. I used to like to listen to music or audio book during my work out. You might read your emails while you eat, review an article while in a zoom meeting, or some other combination of things. But what if instead we focus our attention on one thing at a time? What if we become intentional in doing that one thing? Would we perform better, see more improvement, think more clearly, obtain better results? There’s a theory that if you mentally focus on the muscle group that you are working out, you will see bigger, faster growth in that muscle group (see for example and The theory is backed up by the concept of a mind-body connection for overall wellness (

So what if you apply that same focus–intention–on the thing you want to accomplish at the moment in your company? How many business activities can you apply this to? I have a business networking colleague who says we need to be “More intentional gift givers.” (@Deborah Myers, VirtuArte) She tells me: “Imagine what effect you can have on the people you give a gift to if you really focus on what reaction you could elicit by giving the right gift at the right time.”  Now, imagine how great your company can be if you focus on the right business activities at the right time. No more multitasking. Establish a mind-business connection.

Focus on What?

Now comes the question: what to focus on. The answer is simple: Everyone needs to focus on building wealth. In fact it is the responsibility of every good member of society to try to build wealth. If you are not building wealth you are taking wealth that is built by others. Remember that wealth is “the accumulations of goods and services that make life more enjoyable.”

In the case of a company, building wealth means building the value of the company, and the value of a company is tied up in its ability to bring products and services to a market that wants those products and services. So there you have your focus: focus on your company’s ability to make and bring products and services to the market while being sure that the market wants those products and services. Exploit the mind-business connection for the good of your company, and for society!

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