Is and MBA worth getting

Entrepreneurs do not need a MBA to succeed!

Recently I wrote about ILP:


It’s the triplet of values that defines entrepreneurship. Let’s talk about learning.

Entrepreneurs don’t need a MBA. In fact, the teachings offered in almost any MBA program may be antithetical to actual entrepreneurship. The MBA is designed to produce manager cogs in the wheel of big business. Entrepreneurs are the opposite of all that.

@CodieSanchez artfully wrote that she’d rather learn from someone in the industry than get an MBA

In fact, in the age of the internet, entrepreneurs can learn everything they need without going to college at all (unless you want to get a professional license, like an attorney or medical doctor—and why would you want that??). I’m not saying that entrepreneurs don’t need to learn about business or about their chosen industry. I’m saying you can avoid college because you can learn absolutely everything you need to know about those and many other topics without being taught. The best books on your industry are available from Kobo and Barnes & Noble.

When you need further explanation on a particualr topic you read about it in one of those books, or you engage one of many other avenues to get that amplification: User groups, industry groups, peer groups, expert consultants, etc. Wouldn’t you prefer to get a variety of opinions from various experts rather than being force-fed solely the opinion of a single professor who may not share your values? Entrepreneurs value learning, they do not value instruction or indoctrination. Entrepreneurs move faster than a school curriculum, which tends to hold them back from learning what they need and getting things done.

When entrepreneurs consume all the learning they can devour, they exercise their Independence and synthesize the approaches that work best for them, whether the topic is business management, product development, sales & marketing, industry standards, laws and regulations, etc. That’s the way the free market in learning is supposed to work. (Photo eGMAT)

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